As part of the legal requirement for the Electronic Controlled Drugs Register, entries may not be modified after entry for audit purposes. It is for these reasons that in order to remedy any mistakes, any entry can be cancelled.

The following will be recorded:

  • A reason for cancellation
  • The user making the cancellation
  • The date and time of the cancellation.

The effect of the cancelled operation will then be reversed, and the cancelled item will appear as cancelled in the register for the relevant drug.

All cancellations are made from the reports page.

To cancel a report:

  • Enter the date of the report or name of the drug you wish to cancel
  • Highlight the specific report you wish to cancel by clicking on it
  • Now click the cancel button
  • You will be asked for a reason for cancellation
  • Click ok and you will see a message confirming your cancellation.

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