Product End of Life (EOL) and End of Service (EOSup) Announcement

The Electronic Controlled Drugs Register is officially End Of Sale (EOS) as of 30/04/2021

We would like to thank all our customers for the support over the years. It is with sadness that we announce the products EOL (End of Life) as of 01/05/2022.

Active Support contracts

We will be continuing to support those with current 12-month support contracts.

This will continue to include:

  • Requests for new drugs to be added.
  • Technical support on supported platforms. (Windows XP 32bit)
  • General technical help and trouble shooting.

Moving forward No new or renewal of supports contracts will be offered.

End of support (EOSup) will be 01/05/2022.

After this date all contact emails and support numbers will be terminated.

Alternatives to eCDR

There will be no new product offering from team here to replace the eCDR. However, many competitors offer comparable products which we advise you look in to as soon as possible.


Your software will continue to operate, however should you need to recover from a backup, your original licence key (activation code) will be required. So, ensure this is stored in a safe place.

After the EOSup date, replacement activation keys will no longer be available.

So please keep your current licence key safe.

Microlink PC takes no responsibility for lack of access to data within the eCDR due to licenses keys being misplaced, lost, or destroyed.